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Child Welfare Policy & Document (IRFU)

The IRFU is committed to the enjoyment
of rugby by young people. It values and
encourages the participation of parents,
guardians, teachers, “Sports Leaders”1
and volunteers in the participation of young
people2 in rugby activities.
The fundamental policy of the IRFU is
to respect the dignity and rights of each
individual Age Grade Player. The IRFU
will strive throughout its organisation and
spheres of influence to promote create and
maintain safe environments for Age Grade
The IRFU expects those involved with
age grade rugby to publicise, adapt
and supervise the implementation of the
following code. The IRFU has committed
itself to monitoring and enforcing this code
where reasonably possible.
The policies and requirements in this Code
are expected to be complied with by all
branches, clubs (including schools) which
the IRFU support or which voluntarily
subscribe to this Code. All requests from
the National Child Welfare Officer to adhere
to, comply with or furnish evidence relating
to this Code must be fulfilled promptly.
Guidelines will be published and updated to
assist in the application and interpretation
of these requirements. The Sports
Councils’ Code of Ethics should be used
where the IRFU has not published specific