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A Sporting Chance

A Sporting Chance

By David Hainsworth
28 May
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Three left with a chance of the jackpot

The latest events have been completed and Leinster did retain their Pro 14 title with a hard fought win in Glasgow over the weekend while the Blue team of Man City held off the challenge of the Reds of Liverpool to win the Premier league title.

The predictions mean we are down to three still in with a chance of winning the Jackpot but if they should slip up the group is growing behind.

Events Completed7
Jackpot Contenders3
Padraig Maree7
Jack Mallon #17
Adam Lambkin7
Joe Doyle6
Tommy O'Neill6
Jennie O'Neill6
Ger Kiernan6
John Lawlor6
Michael Farrell6
Jacqueline McNulty6
Lorna Egan6
Andrew Egan6
Wayne Campbell5
Pat Doggett #35
Steve McCann5
Gerard Campbell #15
Pádraig Mahon5
Áine Byrne5
Jennifer Mallon5
Barry Lambkin5
John Bell5
Rose McLoughlin5
Stephen Byrne5
Tom Byrne5
Jim Byrne5
Alo Maher5
Arran Maher5
Jason Hassett5
Gerard Campbell #25
Ger Clarke5
Aidan Egan5
David Hainsworth5
Conor Maher5
Lorna Fitzpatrick5
Ben Lambkin5
Peter McLaughlin5
Jillian Davis #25
John Clarke5
Ian O'Neill5
Philip Mallon5
Jennifer Mallon5
Max Guijt #25
Pat Doggett #25
Pat Doggett #55
Sean Mooney #14
Ronan McCann4
Cian Mooney4
Conor McLoughlin4
Seamus Carroll4
Jimmy McLoughlin4
Sheila Clarke4
Michael Luttrell4
Marian Dunne4
Leonia McCarthy 4
Adrian Hennessy4
Cian Farrell4
Colm Burke4
Mick Conroy 4
Tom Hainsworth4
Peter Hudson4
Jamie Hainsworth 4
Rose Maher4
Bridget Bennett4
Declan McCann4
Vincent Maher4
Nicola Maher4
Holly Evans4
Lorraine Clarke4
Devlin McLaughlin4
Jack Mallon #24
Glen Hassett4
Finn Hassett4
Christopher Mooney3
Max Guijt #13
Robbie Beggs3
Sean McLoughlin3
David Egan3
Paul Mannion3
Ronnie Culliton3
Sean Mooney #23
Willam Coughlan3
Michael Dempsey3
Jillian Davis #13
Susan Coughlan3
Matt Farrell3
Pat Doggett #13
Tim Coughlan2
Kieran Hyland2
Gordon Allen2
Richard Dowling2
Alan Hainsworth 2
Pat Doggett #42
Margaret Guijt Lawlor1

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