ASB Coin Rugby

By Cormac Smith
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Watch the All Blacks play ASB Coin Rugby. This is an old game that many Small Blacks over the years have played at school and home. Give it a go and you could be your schools COIN RUGBY champion. Object of the Game: The object of the game is for each player to try and get a coin to hang off the edge of the opposite side of the table/desk without it falling off in three flicks or less. After doing the above the player must then flick the coin into his hand using the part of the coin hanging over the edge. If the player succeeds in doing this they has scored a try which gives them 5 points and must now attempt a conversion. To attempt a conversion the player must place the coin between his index finger and thumb and spin the coin and in mid spin attempt to stop the coin with their two thumbs. Then using only their two thumbs they will attempt to throw the coin between the posts which the other player will be making with their hands (see diagram). If the player succeeds in this they have scored a conversion and added a further 2 points onto their score. In a friendly game it is the first person to reach 50 points wins. In a serious game it is first person to 100 points wins. Rules: 1. Each player only has three flicks to attempt to get the coin to hang over the edge. 2. A player must only use one finger when flicking the coin. 3. If the coin goes over the other side of the table in one shot it results in a penalty for the other player. 4. A penalty is when the player takes the coin in his two thumbs without spinning the coin and attempts to throw the coin through the goal set up by the opposite player. 5. When setting up goals both of the players wrists have to be touching the edge of the table, their index fingers must be completely upright, both hands must be spread apart so that both thumbs just touch and every other finger on each hand must be rolled into a fist. 6. Player not having a turn must have both hands off the table. 7. When attempting to flick the coin the player cannot get off their seat. 8. After the coin has been flicked and in mid-flight if it touches anything besides the player’s hands it does not count and the game resumes as normal.