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Mini Rugby Player Development Coaching Plan 1 of 5

1. Mini Rugby Player Development Coaching Plan


The objective of this document is to detail a coaching plan which provides a focused mini rugby player development plan from under 8’s to under 12’s.

The technical objectives and the associated suggested drills for each age group are detailed. The base objectives and drills introduced at under 8’s are maintained and developed for the subsequent mini age groups, to ensure continuity of player development and coaching practice.

This consistency of coaching practice will allow coaches to provide coaching cover for other mini age groups, without disruption or deviation from the standard training content.

This structured coaching plan will maximise the development of the mini rugby players by focusing on the core skills and training objectives required at the age group, and by developing this content through the age groups.

Age Group Objectives
Under 8’s

Basic passing/ handling
Side tackle
Basic ball skills

Under 9’s- Additional Skills

Falling- ball placement/ ball release
Introduction to ruck/ maul
2 vs 1 simulation
Non-contested Scrum/ Lineout

Under 10’s- Additional Skills

Front on tackle
Backs alignment from scrum/ lineout
Winning possession at ruck/ maul

Under 11’s/ 12’s- Additional Skills

Contested 5 man Scrum
Contested 4 man Lineout
Basic tactical kicking